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Celebrate the Big Game with Arizona Cardinal, DJ Humphries’ Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Looking for a yummy nutritious treat to enjoy during the big game? Try DJ Humphries’ Smoothie Bowl recipe. This simple and nutritious recipe will surely be a win during the big game.





• 1 cup ice
• 1 cup frozen strawberries
• 1/2 cup chocolate milk
• 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
• 1/4 cup granola with dark chocolate
• strawberry slices


• Blend first four ingredients until smooth.
• Spoon mixture into bowl.
• Top with strawberry slices and granola.

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Ashland Ranch Elementary in Gilbert is Fueling Minds During Testing Week

Fuel Up to Play 60 program advisor and PE teacher, Meredith Brook, is a true champion of creating a healthy school environment. Meredith’s efforts are a perfect example of how Fuel Up to Play 60 not only fits into, but enhances everything teachers already do at their schools, even testing! Thanks to the grant funding she received through participating in this in-school wellness program, collaborating with food service staff and a little creativity, Meredith was able to provide healthy snacks for students during testing week. Ms. Brook sent an email out to all teachers including a link to a survey to vote for their snack preferences:

“Fuel Up to Play 60 would love to fuel up your students with a Snack Smarter Snack Bag for testing. During a day of testing we’ll have a snack bag ready for you to pickup to take back to class to fuel minds.

Please take a quick class survey and tell us what your students would like. The top choice will be revealed the testing day you collect your snack bag. We could really use the response today so we can get the food order placed. We’re hoping to deliver sometime after the 1st week of testing. Thanks for your help and best wishes on the test!

Team Active Ashland”

The school food service ordered the food items and the Fuel Up to Play 60 student team assembled the bags for teachers to pick up on their day of choice. Teamwork at its best, fueling healthy minds!

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Mesquite Elementary Students Serving Up Deliciousness at Their 2nd Annual Breakfast Cook-Off

Mesquite Elementary School in Gilbert held their Second Annual Fuel Up to Play 60 Cook-Off and it was nothing short of delicious!!  PE teacher and Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisor Morgan Pardy reached out to local breakfast eatery, Snooze, and invited them to visit with students about cooking using different types of food. Afterward, students were encouraged to form teams and  submit a recipe for a chance to participate in the cook-off. In the end, four teams were chosen: Team Wonder Chefs, The Crazy Cooks, The Three Amigos and Team Bossome. The young chefs were asked to prepare and submit a shopping list of ingredients which were purchased using donated funds. Food items, tables, cooking utensils and appliances needed by each station were set up on the day of the event. Under adult supervision, students were required to prepare and assemble the recipes on their own. After the one hour time limit, each group was asked to provide a plated sample and present a pitch of their culinary creation to five guest judges. Team Wonder Chefs came out on top with their impressive time management, team work and of course, tasty fare!

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Building a Healthy Community Through Fuel Up To Play 60

“Our community has been motivated by the positive changes we are seeing since participating in Fuel Up to Play 60. Two years ago Lowell Elementary received a grant to help make our school more healthy and active. The funding helped with two main events: a Zumba/Smoothie Night and a Bowl Away Diabetes Night.

Our Zumba/Smoothie event drew over 300 people – it was awesome! After zumba we celebrated with four stations where families were able to make healthy smoothies full of veggies, fruits and dairy. The event was full of energy and the students really enjoyed planning as well as participating with their families.

Bowl Away Diabetes was also a very fun and active family event. Students were encouraged to write essays on how they can get their families to be active and healthy, with 25 students winning five free tickets to bowl. Getting our community involved and supporting our students in positive and active events has made our community stronger and healthier.

Students helped develop the ideas and events for our school. As a Program Advisor, I helped support our leadership team with tools, time and help. Our students set the dates, made flyers, posters, helped set up the event and supervised it. They have made all of the difference in the world. Through this process they learned that involving parents and teachers is essential in making our school and community more active and healthier”  – Daniel Velazquez, PE Teacher and Fuel Up To Play 60 Program Advisor, Lowell Elementary School, Mesa.

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Frank Elementary Students Show Us the Heart of Fuel Up To Play 60!

Running for the month of February is our Fuel Up To Play 60 “Show Us Your Heart” contest.  Students are encouraged to include fellow classmates in nutrition and physical activity Plays related to Fuel Up To Play 60 and share their efforts via pictures, stories and videos. At Frank Elementary, Program Advisor Brianna Peyer presented the contest in her group meeting, and after a little brainstorming her students decided on the following themes which they represented in pictures: Healthy eating= healthy heart, love (heart) for physical activity and fun with parachutes!

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“Here at Cheyenne Elementary, we are committed to providing healthy foods to our students in a variety of different ways!” proclaimed Fuel Up To Play 60 Program Advisor and PE Instructor Erin Greiner.  Embracing the spirit of student leadership embodied by this in-school wellness program, Erin encouraged her SWAT (School Wellness Advocacy Team) to come up with a way to involve other students. Together they decided to host a fruit tasting before school and a milk tasting during lunch. To students who ate breakfast on fruit tasting day, the SWAT team offered a sample of fresh cantaloupe, a fruit not often featured on their menu, and encouraged all kiddos to have a taste. Their initial milk tasting was held during first grade lunch where the SWAT students set up a table with different varieties of milk: chocolate, plain, and strawberry.  After tasting, the SWAT team handed out tickets for the first graders to vote on their favorite milk. The winner? Chocolate!

Ideas on nutrition and physical activities to try at your school can be found at  At the top of the page, click on Stories to read about what other schools are doing, or Playbook to use as a guide for activities that best suit your school. As always, involve your students, and get creative with it!


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Super Bowl Spirit Week! Coming to a School Near You…

Schools that participate in Fuel Up To Play 60 are always coming up with fun and creative ways to incorporate physical activity and nutrition into their day, and sharing these ideas with other schools is part of the many benefits of being a part of the team! Check out the Super Bowl themed spirit weeks happening at Garden Lakes and Cheyenne Elementary next week.

futp50 spirit weekcheyenne spirit week












To help with field day festivities, Dairy Council of Arizona has several outdoor activity items available for loan to make events extra…eventful! Items include an inflatable soccer kick, football toss, inflatable football player, field day kit and step-overs. For more examples of what schools are doing, visit the Fuel Up To Play 60 website and search Success Stories. If your school is participating in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, email us to inquire about availability to borrow any or all of these items!

field day kit football toss soccer kick inflatable football player 1step overs

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Country Place Elementary Put Fun in Their Day, the Fuel Up To Play 60 Way!

Country Place Elementary implemented Fuel Up To Play 60 this year and their kick-off was a huge hit with students! Posters announcing the program and healthy messaging were placed around the school and students were invited to play flag football and take a few shots on goal at the inflatable soccer kick during recess. After submitting a funding application, Country Place Elementary was awarded $3640 from the Dairy Council of Arizona to implement their Farm to School Play from the Fuel Up to Play 60 Play book.

“Part of the funding will be used to build a school garden which will act as an interactive tool to educate and bring awareness about where food comes from.  The goal is that our kids learn the importance of consuming foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy to get the right vitamins our body needs,” commented teacher and Fuel Up To Play 60 Program Advisor Kristina Palacios. Funding will also go toward various sports and activity equipment for use on the field and playground, as well as updating the school’s blacktop area with painted obstacles for students to hop, skip and jump their way through recess.

To learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60 and how your school may have the opportunity to be awarded up to $4000 for nutrition and physical activity plans, receive visits from Arizona Cardinals players or Big Red and have access to inflatables and field equipment for your very own kick-off event, visit  or  email .


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Phoenix student selected in Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenges Sweepstakes!

Congratulations, Cameron Nelson who has been selected as a winner for the Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenges Sweepstakes during October!

Nelson, from Nevitt Elementary School in Phoenix, successfully completed a Challenge on the Fuel Up to Play 60 Dashboard and was randomly selected to receive a Fuel Up to Play 60 Prize Pack (valued at $100).

Click here to learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60.