A Special Education Preschool teacher from the Mesa School District has been selected as the Teacher of the Week.

“She goes above and beyond for each and every student in her classroom.”

Ms. Chelise Nahle teaches kids ages 3 to 5, many who have been diagnosed with autism.

She offers after school workshops for parents and invites parents to reading activities before school. The children participate in helping to tell the story and then they sing songs they’ve learned in class so their parents can see what they’re learning.  She also gives each family that attends a copy of the book being read so they can read it with their child at home.

“She is a big believer in parent involvement because she feels that the child’s education will be much better if the parents know what is going on at school and are active participants,” said her coworker of 9 years who nominated her.

In addition to her time spent before and after school with students and parents, Ms. Nahle has taken many hours of additional training to become a behavior specialist, and many teachers at her school come to her for advice and assistance with behavior issues.

“She is always willing to help us with the student by observing and suggesting different strategies to try.  Her strategies and suggestions always help me with the student I am struggling with.”

Whether it be students, parents or colleagues, she is going the extra mile and making a difference.

“Chelise is an excellent, outstanding teacher who is making a very positive difference in her students’ lives. I feel she is truly deserving of this award. The highest praise that I can give her would be that if I had a child with Autism or severe sensory/behavior needs, I would ask that he/she be placed in Chelise’s class. She provides a positive, loving, supportive classroom environment where every child is made to feel successful.”