Growth of the global population, projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, will continue to increase the need for nutritionally adequate, healthy, affordable diets that are respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems. This review examines the global dairy industry’s advances in addressing the challenges of population growth and climate change; the vital role of dairy products in healthy, sustainable diets; and the emerging, yet limited, research on the environmental impacts of foods and dietary patterns. The dairy industry worldwide is working to optimize the use of natural resources and reduce environmental impacts. Measurement and reporting tools are becoming available to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain — all while continuing to provide nutritious, affordable, appealing dairy products. A science-based foundation of high-quality research that encompasses the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability is needed before recommendations for sustainable diets are possible.

Providing healthy, nutritious products in a way that is environmentally responsible is a priority for the global dairy industry.

Miller GD, Auestad N. Towards a sustainable dairy sector: Leadership in sustainable nutrition. Int J Dairy Technol. [Epub ahead of print]. 2013 May 20. Full Text Article