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Berry Trifle

This light and delicious trifle is so easy to make, and it’s a beautiful addition to any dessert table. For a more grown-up version, limoncello gives it a lemony zing!

Makes 8 Servings
Prep Time:   15 minutes
1 angel food cake
32 oz vanilla yogurt
1 quart strawberries, rinsed, hulled and halved
1 pint blackberries, rinsed
Optional: ½ cup limoncello


  1. Cut angel food cake into 1” cubes.
  2. Cover bottom of trifle dish with 1/2 of the angel food cake cubes.
  3. If using limoncello, drizzle ¼ cup on top of cake cubes.
  4. Arrange ½ of the berries on top of cake.
  5. Spread ½ of the yogurt on top of the berries and cake.
  6. Layer the remaining cake cubes on top of yogurt.
  7. If using, drizzle remaining limoncello on top of cake cubes.
  8. Spread with remaining yogurt.
  9. Arrange remaining berries for a beautiful dessert.
  10. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Note: Use your favorite fruit and yogurt flavor, and a complementary liqueur – the combinations are endless.